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The Honest Work of Storytelling

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Let me preface this by saying it is about my needing to upgrade my storytelling skills and not about talking to a brutally honest 10-year old. Ellie & I were waiting in the car before going inside for her dance class so I decided to tell her about my little miracle the day before. After moving we "lost" the metal box that holds all our important documents, searched everywhere for 3 weeks, and finally rented another storage unit to move boxes from the one that you can hardly walk through to the other one so we can go through every box and see where we misplaced it. Through a very strange set of events that involved leaving my notebook (yes, the one in which I record all the things I need to remember from calendar dates to character notes and is basically the tangible evidence of my ongoing struggle with remembering things) on top of the car, going to a meeting and searching for said notebook only to discover I'd left it on top of the car, but in the process found the metal box under the seat (ok, not a clue how it got there), then driving home looking carefully on the side of the road for the notebook and finding it, I ended by saying, "Just this morning I prayed for God to help me find that metal box because I can't get my car title changed until I find it. So I'm thinking God has a really strange sense of humor because the box was there all along, but I had to go through all this to find it. It was a little miracle." I turned to her in the back seat and smiled. She looked in my eyes and smiled back, "you know it took you 13 minutes to tell that story?"

And so my priorities for work begin for this year.

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